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On LeoList: What Clients Must Know About Seeking Escorts On Canada’s Biggest Classified Site

LeoList has earned a distinct reputation as Canada’s best classifieds site for escorts, since 2018’s untimely closure of Backpage. At first, the escort community scrambled to pick up the pieces of a functional marketplace upon which many of our incomes depended.
Now, it’s like nothing happened at all. Indeed, some of us prefer LeoList.
Do I recommend LeoList? That’s not necessarily a simple question. When it comes to being an escort online, there are always careful considerations required, and so many factors to include in such equations. Mostly, I have good things to say about LeoList, but it’s just not that black and white.

Let’s dive in.

About LeoList

Similar to Backpage or even Craigslist, LeoList is a general online marketplace on which people sell their cars, tools, instruments, supplies, and even properties. Places go up for rent. Vehicles are sold. And, of course, escorts advertise their services.
It was claims of prostitution and illegality which closed the doors on Backpage, and I feel as though LeoList takes greater measures to stay on the right side of the law. Directly profiting from something like prostitution is illegal, but allowing escorts to advertise their time and companionship certainly is not. It’s complicated, but LeoList seems to stay on the right side with great tact.
The company that owns LeoList is actually based in Hong Kong, but due to Canada’s strict laws around sex work, LeoList has really found a strong niche here, and they have done very well at extracting an impressive amount of value and strengthening their brand among escorts and clients alike.
As LeoList becomes more and more of a bastion for the escort exchange, I see them adding all sorts of great measures for the safety of escorts as well as clients. This is important because a common complaint among these classified-style sites is that they are not forced to take up these measures of accountability. It’s clear they’re taking this more seriously, and I can commend them on this.
Sure, selling our bodies is inherently risky, and we do it anyway because we love it. But when LeoList started improving their policies on this, I was very glad.

LeoList for Escorts

You don’t have to verify yourself to advertise on LeoList, but there is no reason not to. In fact, unverified accounts are generally assumed to be untrustworthy scammers of one kind of another. Verification is simple, just add 5 photos and have them look at your profile. Plus, if you go through this, LeoList will actually give you a discount. Wonderful, isn’t it?

One way that LeoList differs from other sites is that the escort services are sort of… hidden? Rather than sporting outright, explicit categories, the escort ads are nested within the categories of “Casual Dating” and “Personals.” Although some may be using these categories genuinely, it does seem the vast majority of the ads are quite clearly from escorts. Men, women, and trans individuals and couples seeking Massage, Dom & Fetish, or Escorts of any gender will find a category or two in which they are interested.

Client Experience on LeoList

It’s a drastically simple website. The layout is blatantly uncomplicated. Everything loads fast, but there are a lot of pop-up ads that redirect you away from the site– I would not recommend using these. And, if you do, don’t blame LeoList, because these pop-ups are not directly affiliated, of course.

As I said, the categories are quite specific and there is an utter abundance of ads for many shapes, sizes, and ages of escorts. Everything is legal, and if you keep a scrutinizing eye out for unverified accounts, you should be fine.

There is an option to message your escort, and you should definitely have a verbal exchange just to make sure that they don’t seem like a bot or a scammer. Don’t give away too much personal information in this conversation, and if you choose to meet them, make sure your first meeting is in a public, safe space. This goes for all sites, but classifieds formats like LeoList do lack some of the security measures that other sites get to utilize.

Let’s summarize everything that’s been discussed so far, and maybe I’ll add an idea or two while I compile the list of pros and cons of using LeoList.
Pros (In General)
– It’s always getting safer. – There are many escorts with diverse bodies, ages, preferences, and specialties.
– Easy to communicate with potential escorts.
– Relatively clear which accounts are scams and which are legitimate.
– Detailed categories.
– The presence of scam accounts is unnerving and dangerous for those who don’t have the tools to detect their falsity.
– Lots of pop-up ads.
To Conclude
I do like LeoList. Is it my absolute favourite site to advertise on? Perhaps not quite. However, it is better than Backpage ever was and it is better than Craigslist. LeoList seems to be improving and it may be the optimal Classified site in Canada.
Do let me know if you have any questions.
Until next time.

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