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Exquisite for Escorts: My Excellent Experiences With Humpchies

If you live in Canada, there are a few popular paths to finding an escort. There are several classified-style boards, not so different than things like Backpage or Craigslist, that have been well-used for some time… Unfortunately, there are downfalls to these sites, such as the fact that they do not allow clients to see verified photos of the escorts, and generally, they were not specifically created for people seeking escorts. Choosing between the various specialized sites is difficult… unless, of course, you are in Quebec. In this case, the answer is clear and distinct: Humpchies.
In this article, I will share with you some of the best features of Humpchies. By the end, you will fully understand why clients and escorts alike are both so excited about the site, and you will have the knowledge to navigate the site so that you can access precisely you want with as few obstacles as possible.

The Experience

Step one for accessing the treasures of Humpchies is, of course, getting to the site. The site features a simple colour scheme and a whole lot of photos. There will be ads from an associated site that specializes in cam girls. If you notice the “Log In” or “Sign Up” buttons, don’t worry, that’s not for you… It’s for us! Escorts have to go through this process to advertise on the site.
You will probably notice that, although Humpchies is Quebec-based, its services extend a lot further than just Montreal and Quebec City. There are so many towns and cities in which Humpchies operates, which makes it convenient for those who aren’t located within the limits of major urban centers.
Further, the site is well-organized in categories of “Escorts”, “Agencies”, “Erotic Massages”, “Massage Parlors”, and a few other informative tabs. Beyond this, you can browse around to see the various services provided by the escorts- everything from oral sex to BDSM and so much more- as well as seek out your ideal escort based on their physical features.
Escort Agencies
“Wait, isn’t Humpchies the agency?” is a question I get a lot. In fact, it is not. The various agencies here are actually more closely related to the precise escorts you will be choosing from- Humpchies just partners with, consolidates, and organizes the various agencies to give more convenient access and options to the interested client.
Erotic Massages
Some clients are not looking for a totally penetrative sexual encounter. Some erotic massage escorts are willing to go the whole way, but not all of them– it is best to contact them directly through the information on the site so that you can make sure you are on the same page before booking a time with them! Many escorts work through set locations, or as the site calls them, “Massage Parlours.”

Choosing The Best Escort For You

Once you click upon the “Escort” option and start browsing from either the main page or within the sub-lists of cities you will see a wide range of women to consider hiring as an escort. Look through the photos until someone strikes your fancy. Then, when you choose an escort, your click will redirect you to her, his, or their page. The page will be filled with pictures and a short bio that discusses their availability and location, their preferences, their ground rules, their size, and more info that can be added if they so choose (such as social media handles, phone numbers, incall/outcall, and more). Escorts also have the option to allow for comments from previous clients– some will block this, others will let you see what their previous clientele thinks of them.
Although Humpchies is pretty good for protecting you from scams, there is still a warning on this page that informs you about the risks of scams such as catfishing. Make sure to discriminate– look at all of the photos, read the comments if they are available, and use your best judgment to make sure that this a real escort… Humpchies has a better verification process than other sites, but you can never be too safe!
A Few More Notes
At the end of the day, Humpchies is pretty ideal if you live in Quebec! I will say that the main escorts that use the site tend to be female- obviously, this suits the majority of clients, but there is obviously some demand for male escorts as well as trans escorts. I am sorry to report that Humpchies is decidedly lacking in this regard. Also, the site is clearly meant for french speakers, and although it can be translated, somehow the information is not as clear and fluent as if it were originally typed in English– makes sense, of course!
Still, despite a few minor imperfections, I have enjoyed my time on Humpchies, and I know that so many clients have, too!

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