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About Me


Call me Jasmine.

Among escorts, I often stand out for my glamour. For my attention to the aesthetics of my craft. I don’t hide my passion for style, in anything I do. I am more than just an escort, I am a walking fashion statement– but yes, I’m an escort, too. And I’m happy to be your escort.

Yes, I don’t give myself away. That’s for sure. I value my services because they are valuable. If you have any doubts as to the truth of my confidence, I invite you to read further.
My whole life, I have always marvelled at the intricate, unique status of beauty, fashion, style. I believe life is like fine art, and sexuality is an outlet to express the purest parts of my aesthetics, of myself. That’s not to say the sexual activity itself, whether it’s penetrative or just a massage, or something other, is necessarily “pretty.” Of course not, things get messy, hot. Things get wild. That’s part of the beauty, of course. When desire takes over, when you tell me what you want me to do, you better believe that (so long as it doesn’t cross our discussed boundaries) we will journey there.

Maybe it sounds like I take myself too seriously. I’ve been told I’m fun. I make good company, whether you need a date for an elite cocktail party, or whether you are just looking for intimacy in a far more private setting. Of course, I expect you to respect me, just as I will respect you.

Naturally, as someone who believes in intentionality when it comes to appearances, of good looks, of manufacturing, I keep my body in divine shape. I have been called a goddess, and I like to think I am sculpted. I am firm and I am solid but I am thin. I am powerful without being overpowering. I am small without being breakable. I keep myself fit and strong, but my physique is immaculate.

My passion is tantalizing. My touch is electric. And my availability is actually pretty limited! Contact me and I will see if I can fit you in my schedule, which just keeps getting busier. Word of mouth is spreading fast, and the men and women who come my way generally can’t limit themselves to just one visit. Yes, I have a lasting appeal that demands to be tried again and again.

Whether you have used an escort before or not, I promise you an experience you will never forget. I have some rules. I’m sure you do too. We’ll have a discussion, we’ll make sure that the respect is mutual and our plans are safe and beneficial– though, of course, your wish is my command. Your desire is my demand. Book some time with me and all of this, all of me, will be yours. I know that the temptation that draws you to me is insatiable, but I will exhaust your erotic faculties. I promise satisfaction, and I don’t give my word lightly.

Call on me. Let’s meet up.

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