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Split – A Game of Matches and Revenge

Do you want a game that is easy to learn and really doesn’t require a lot of thinking while you play it? Well then Split is the perfect game for you. It’s basically a game of making matches, but the key is the type of matches that you make (more like how I scourged for my new¬†amazon tactical flashlight). My wife and I find this a fun game to play when we visit other friends who have kids because it’s a game where it does not matter if you get interrupted in the middle of it to feed a baby or change a diaper.
The game is a set of playing cards, well sort of….. each card is actually just half of a playing card. You need to match it with another half to make a match and score points. All matches must be of the same rank, you can’t match a 4 and a 6 in other words. A weak match is if you match two cards which are different colors, a strong match is if you match two cards of different suits but the same color. Finally, a perfect match is a match of the same suit. On your turn you can either play a match from your hand, or you can upgrade an opponent’s match therefore stealing the match from them (i.e. make a weak match a strong or perfect match, or make a strong match a perfect match). For each type of match you get you have the options to do another action.

If you make a weak match you are allowed to trade any of your matches for one of your opponents matches (you can only trade a weak match for a weak one, strong for a strong, or perfect for perfect), as you accumulate more matches of the same rank your score increases. Also some matches are worth more than others, so this is why stealing can be a good strategy. If you make a strong match, you have the option of drawing another card at the end of your turn. Finally, if you make a perfect match, you can tell one of your opponents of your choice to color in one of their negative scoring circles.

The game ends when one player can discard their remaining card. At the end of the round you total up your matches and score them appropriately on the scorecard. When scoring it doesn’t matter if they are a weak, strong, or perfect match. You are also penalized for each card you have left in your hand by coloring in a negative scoring circle. After three rounds the game ends, and you total up your points to see who is the winner.

As I said, this is a relatively simple game to learn and play. You can play it with starts and stops for breaks if there are distractions where you are playing. There is some strategy to the game, but it is not so intense it will give you a headache. This is the perfect game for a light relaxing evening, and the good news is you should have no trouble finding this game for under $8!!

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