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Cough Medicine Abused by Teens for a Cheap High


They call it Robotripping and if you are a teen you’ve probably already heard of it. Teens all over the place are abusing over the counter cough medicines like Robotussin, and Coricidin HBP for a cheap high. The Partnership for a Drug-Free American estimated that in 2005 1 in 10 teens used these drugs to get high, but some reports estimate the numbers as high as 1 in 5. When questioned, many teens stated that abusing cough medicine was “safer” than using illegal drugs, but the opposite is true.
They call it Dex, DXM, Robo, Skittles, and Triple-C, and it kills teens every year. Kids as young as 9 years old are abusing cough medicine. The problem has been largely overlooked by parents because this problem did not exist when they were younger. They have no experience with it so they keep homes stocked with medicine to fight the symptoms of the common cold, unaware that they are funding their child’s drug habit.

Many drug stores have stopped stocking medicine that contains dextromethorphan on their shelves. If you have a legitimate reason to be using medications that contain the offending ingredient you must now get it from the store pharmacy. By tracking the quantity of medications purchased, stores can determine whether the drug is being used for something other than its intended use.

DXM can cause a cheap high, but it can also cause vomiting, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, and brain damage. Those are still some of the better outcomes. Using DXM in an attempt to get high can kill you. One night of “fun” can take away your future.

If you have friends who are abusing cough medicine, there are things that you can do to help. Warn them of the dangers. They may not be aware that abusing DXM can be more dangerous than some illegal drugs. Tell them how real the threat is. It can kill them. Often times there are deeper reasons for drug use. Be a listening ear for friends who may be struggling at home or with school. Recommend talking to a school counselor. If their drug abuse persists you may need to inform parents or school counselors.

It is a hard thing to turn in a friend but it is easier than standing by and watching them kill themselves. They will probably thank you for stepping in later, but even if they don’t, even if you loose a friendship, they will still be alive because you were brave enough to do something to help them.

Teens today face many challenges and stress in their lives. At times, problems can seem unsolvable. There is always a way out. No matter how bad things may feel at the moment, abusing DXM or any other drugs will only complicate things. It will not solve the problems. Studies have shown that DXM abuse tapers drastically by age 18. Finding a healthy way to deal with the daily ups and downs in life will help assure that you will still be around by then. On my next post, we will tackle beauty care. Please return to this page to know more about theĀ best vitamin c serum for face.

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