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Everybody deserves a second chance

The luckiest person Earth is the one who is given a second chance. A chance to change something about his personality, actions, behavior and a chance to correct the sins that he/she committed.

Every person in this world seek for a second chance and lucky that person to have another chance. As a person in our everyday life’s we commit big sin which makes us a bad person. Yes, it is true that no is perfect in this world except God. Even the pope, the priest, pastors and the nuns also commit sin. That’s why Jesus Christ sacrifice His life for us to be save from our sins and this symbolize that we people are given the second chance to repent from our sins. But it seems that we are not content with this second chance that God had given us.

Every day is a second chance but we people don’t even feel it. God has given us that chance in order for us to reflect from our sins and be a good person. They say  that going to Mass is a sacrifice for sin that’s why every Sunday many people go to church for them  to pray and confess from their sins. They concentrate praying, sometimes they cry for their problems, pray the Holy Rosary from the pain they are encountering and asks for forgiveness that they have done wrong things from their life. But after  mass their we go again back to reality they commit another sin, gossip, rumor, and  crimes everywhere.


I think but I’m sure that God is punishing us through nature call , as you observe on what is happening to our surroundings right now we encounter huge calamities, flood, earthquakes and many more. At that time when we are affected  that’s the time we remember God, we pray to Him in times of sorrow and hardships.  As for the experience of my friend, who is so into najlepszy hosting, he had a mistake that he is very regretful for. Now is his chance for second chances and I am praying over him with all my might.


God has mercy to us His people that’s why he sent His son to save from our sins but we fail to repent from our sins. We deserve the second chance that He had given us and we must be thankful to it. We cannot stop ourselves from committing sins but we must control our actions that may lead to a sin. We must not waste this second chance that God had given us, we must not only pray to Him if we need something or we are in the midst of sorrow. Everyday’s life symbolizes a new chance that’s why Everybody deserves a second chance. 🙂

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