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In the past decade, the phrase “wellness resort” has become a byword and a much sought-after getaway by health-conscious people who work hard and want to unwind and relax with the same intensity. Those who want to pamper themselves would go beyond the traditional urban spa offering the usual sauna and massage, and seek out a suburban getaway whose location and ambiance already have a therapeutic effect.

The wellness resort isn’t actually just a fad, but a concept which dates back to the ancient period when the wealthy and the elite of the empires would go into springs, waterfalls and other natural features tucked in the hidden nooks and crannies of Europe and Asia as a preventive measure or to treat common illnesses. Fast forward to circa-2000, the wellness resort has become part of the mainstream health care, especially among professional workers who believe that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.            Here are some of the notable wellness resorts in the metropolitan suburbs which you can check out. Tucked in the coffee orchards of the city, just a couple of minutes drive for my Ford Kuga, this is a pioneer in the spa and wellness industry and is accredited by  agency. Healthier, happier, better are its buzzwords that have made it a favorite among health buffs.

This spa village is a mix of ancient practices as well as algotherm and tropical body treatments. Among the signature treatment is the Nilaib, the indigenous version of a hot stone massage that makes use of steamed hot pouches. Those suffering from chronic disease like high blood pressure, kidney problems, and diabetes, a customized treatment plan can be prepared run by its in-house nurse and therapists. As part of its holistic healing, it also offers detox, weight loss, and anti-aging programs as well as health services which include acupuncture and enema. To enhance its services, the resort has partnered with experts, such as Dr. Sam Dizon for alternative and complimentary medicine programs, Healthway Medical for Executive Checkup Programs, Brahma Kumaris for meditation and lifestyle counseling, and the Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center for medical, laboratory and emergency services.

For a consummate healthful retreat, the spa offers healthy dishes with most of the ingredients grown a farm for medicinal plants where they bring their guests for a picking tour. It  tropical motif and sprawling greeneries are a visual treat which is therapeutic in itself.

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