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The Earth’s sleeping continent, known for its gelid temperature and ice-covered landmass that shelters diverse wildlife, Antarctica holds haunting beauty that allures intrepid souls. With its high ridges buried beneath a two mile thick ice sheet, wandering through the coldest place in the world is deeply breathtaking.

My friends who are travelers share their action-packed expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. The couple met while backpacking through South East Asia at the town of Luang Prang in Laos, and since then, they have been gallivanting around the world, having explored over 80 countries in all 7 continents.

In late 2014, they headed a blog as a way of showcasing the rich culture of the countries they visit and inspire hoping nomads alike by showing them a glimpse of their journey. They have since then become an icon in the travel blogging industry worldwide.

Most people are aware that visiting Antarctica entails everything to fight the winter temperature so they always bring thick clothes and weatherproof boots. But, you’d be surprised by the “should haves” and “shouldn’t haves” of packing once you actually get there.

It is a mere fact that even under grey skies or rain clouds when you cannot see a hint of sunlight, your skin is still exposed to the threats of UV rays. Hustling through any icy-cold region, particularly in Antarctica, it is a typical misconception that bringing sunglasses and sunscreen is nothing but an option. This belief, however, is contrary to the reality.

According to the them, “Despite the cold climate, the sun’s rays are incredibly strong in Antarctica, so much that on a very bright day, the sun reflecting off the bright white snow can actually damage your eyes as well as burn your skin.”

A vivid reminder that even when the arctic wind kisses your skin, you should still slather on high SPF sunscreen and wear a pair of high quality sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection at all cost. Well, most of all, have cameras with you! I honestly can say you must invest on a dashcam wherever you go. You can put this in your car—even if it is rented, on you bike, motorbike, and even in a boat! have it tested first.  I suggest you have a dashcam test before purchasing it so you will know! Bulky bags are the pet peeve of travelers. However, such is difficult to avoid since you’re packing for a surreal adventure and you’re better off prepared of what’s coming than not. Thankfully, you can cross off one item from your equipment checklist if you’re bound to Antarctica. For the Howes, the least useful item they brought with them was their hiking boots.

“There really is no need for hiking boots when travelling to Antarctica on an expedition cruise as the cruise ship provides everything, including a pair of insulated rubber expedition snow boots, which are washed and disinfected upon leaving and re-boarding the ship for landings,” the couple said.

Evidently, if you take a different travel course such as flying, you definitely should bring a pair of hiking boots. However, it is advisable to travel by water, especially with an expedition ship, for an Antarctica trip just to enjoy the panoramic view of the deep blue ocean and powder-white summits while the briny breeze smell lingers in your nose.

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