Be yourself.

What is your hobby?


I am life coach. I love asking people questions about their personalities. Their hobbies. Their past times. And their passion projects. Are there people who usually forget to turn into what they love ding and exert more effort in working and working and earning money that little did they know they are forgetting about living a life. When I was in my 20s, I also felt that kind of crisis. I was working too much. I refuse going to the mall, eating out or having dinner dates with my friends, or just pursuing photography. However, there was this part in my life when I felt tired of living and I thought I was just living for the money.

suddenly realized I should not be ruining my life like that. And so I tried learning photography during weekends and that is was kept me sane for the past ten years. I invested on photography tools and gadgets like 360 grad kamera, lenses, and other tools and it made me really happy. This camera, for me is the best 360 cameraNow that I am a life coach, my clients tell me they are so bored with life. IN here Iet them realize what is their passion? DO you like baking? Why don’t you open a shop? Do you love traveling? Travel and set up a blog! Do you love designing clothes? Make a living out of it! We all have that passion that we should pursue do keep us sane from out daily jobs. Better if you are already doing what you love. But for most people who are a little slaved by work, I do suggest you learn to let go and go for things that will make you happy and be a better person than you are today.

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