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The OC In Me

Do you have an obsessive compulsive disorder just like me? I self diagnosed as an OC because of my behavior. I love having my things organized and are tidied up to one corner. I want it to be arranging in such a manner where they are stacked in neatly piles, color codes and arranged in sizes and shapes.

I also have that bugging feeling when I feel my things are being touched by other people. During Christmas, my friends would always gift me with some organizing stuff which I truly adore. Some even teased me to just hire a self storage company to keep my things in a safe place but I guess that would be too much of a hassle for me. I still have to carry them to the shop and all.

For me it is better to just have a safe storage spot in my room or in any part of my room. I feel my things are safer there. I am always into compare storage prices and I think you should too.

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