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A Good Steal

I just bought a couple watch for me and my boyfriend! Well, I am not really planning to buy one for ourselves but I saw this online shop of a wood watch that it really peaked my interest. Okay, so I browsed their page and it really looks so inviting to check out their best wood watches. For one, they have really nice colors to choose from. They have different hues that fits everyone’s taste. I am a girly kind of girlfriend but I definitely dig their colors. They have browns, pinks, and other in close hues. I love how they also have used nice materials for the wood watch. And also, I like the idea that it is made of wood itself! Me and my boyfriend already have tons of couple best wooden watches  before. We kinda use a certain watch for every outing we have. For example, if we are going on a date, we will use a leather watch. When we go on a formal event, we go for the steel ones. And if we are travelling or doing sports, we will use the sports watch. But this! This one’s awesome. This is perfect for random movie dates and just a stroll in the park. I know he will be surprised when I present this one to him.


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