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I am concerned about what’s going on with Amazon

For a long time, people were complaining because Prime video was not available in Canada and it was available in the United States, and to me this was a much more valid complaint. Like, it didn’t seem to make any sense that this product wouldn’t be involved in a Amazon Prime membership in one country, and just on the other side of an invisible line would not be available. I think that that might have been one of  the biggest mistakes that Amazon Prime Canada has actually made, because I think that it turned a lot of people against them in its early days, because people saw that Amazon Prime was able to provide this service to their nemus I, but not to them. Well not that the United States is always a nemesis of Canada, but it is the common conception, that we like to compete with each other, and it seems like they were being handed a much better deal by Amazon. They weren’t paying that much more, and they were basically getting something like Netflix without paying any extra. Yes, I think that this is a reasonable thing for Canadians to have gotten upset about, but it’s been amended since December 2016, and a lot of people haven’t changed their tone about it. And some people who have decided to adopt their argument that Americans get it better than Canadians, insist on talking about the fact that many are eight of America have two hour delivery. But I can say about this, is that Americans lived in a country with a much higher population density.

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