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What a great camera filter can do

Sometimes, you have to wonder why you are devoting your life to one craft rather than another. It’s much like the theater. If you’re doing theater, you have to realize that your work is very much limited, very much limited to what you may be doing in one place at one time, where every other type of media that doesn’t have to be so site-specific, is reaching, potentially, millions of people all over the world in different places. Well, maybe Millions is ambitious, but you know what I mean. It is possible to reach far wider audience with almost any other medium than theater. Painting, almost falls into that category, but a lot of painters and Up featuring their paintings on social media pages and other such an online Galleries, and then, they end up selling or shipping their paintings to homes or galleries in other parts of the world. So, it’s a bit different. It would take an international talent scout senior show in deciding to book you in another part of the world to do that as a theater artist. Well, what about music? Well, that I think is pretty easy. I think that music has the same benefits of Theatre as a camp in one place, whereas it can also be recorded and played all over the place, in the most personal of ways. Anyway, I think that photography is different than all of these anyways, because it can be done by anyone at any time with just one tool. That’s not to say that knowledge and expertise doesn’t help, but it’s a lot different than pick me up a guitar. You can get the hang of it a lot faster. And, with camera filter technology being where it is at, in the amount of editing you can do with very simple apps, I would say that it would be hard to debate that photography is the easiest of all forms to start being pretty good at.

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