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My Brother’s Gift

My brother gave me Unu Motors elektrische scooter as a gift for my 20th birthday this coming week. When I researched about the company, I was smitten by it! Probably I will include writing about them for my research paper. I actually drafted one myself and I am listing below why you need to also buy this innovation.


Motors has got you covered when it comes to saving the earth through using electricity. I love how it creates a bigger impact to the community by advocating for cleaner air and better surroundings with gas.


It has a portable battery when you purchase it. Meaning to say, no longer have to shell out some dollars or look for a station charge or change battery. Anytime and anywhere, you can charge up!

Quality Customer Service

They have a website filled with bits and pieces of everything you need to know. Go to it and you will know what I am talking about. You can also ask their customer service via phone if your concern is not on their page.

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