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Make-up You Should Have In Your Bag

Every girl loves make-ups. We all do! I bet in every girl’s bag, there is that kit filled with make-ups and other personal hygiene essentials. We can’t leave the house without it. And we can’t face other people, especially boys, when we do not put something in our face.

Here are the things i put in my make-up kit.

1. Lip stick

Of course, who will leave the house without putting a lip stick? It’s crazy if you do! Even if it is just a tint, we love putting something on our dried and boring lips.

2. Mascara

Putting a volume in your eyes will do wonders with a mascara. I suggest you invest in a nice brand and you’re good to go!

3. Foundation

Invest in here too. This is the most important of all. One bloggers said that you should invest money on this and even if you have cheaper make-ups, it is okay. The vital thing is, you have a nice foundation.

4. Blush on

Bring that rosy cheeks out! have a nice blush on which complements you skin color.

You can actually buy these in different stores in malls or just check out small business websites who cater to women fashion, clothes, and make-up.

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